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By Annie Salinas '16 | Vol. 3 Issue 2



Here at Texas A&M, there are many opportunities to lead an active lifestyle. The campus recreational center (“The Rec”) is always bustling with students on the weights, track, machines, rock wall and even in the pool. During mornings and evenings, you’ll see students jogging around campus. Our student athletes are known nation-wide, and the Corps of Cadets is known for its rigorous physical training program. But if (like me) the gym isn’t your thing or you want to change up your routine every once in a while, there are opportunities for that too. 

Beyond classics like basketball, soccer, swimming, racquetball, aerobic running and strength training, there are dozens upon dozens of amazing and creative 1-credit hour kinesiology classes for undergrads. Ever want to try your skill at broomball, or learn how to ice skate? There are classes for that. Want to practice backpacking or trail running for your spring break trip to a national park? You can learn that here too. Want to learn to dance? Take your pick: we’ve got Latin, ballroom, country and Zumba. You can even take paintball and ultimate frisbee for credit!

I asked some upperclassmen about the kinesiology classes they’d taken during their time here at A&M. Here’s what they said:

"I took intermediate country western dance and it was a great way to learn more partner moves and line dances used on a typical College Station Thursday night! (If you have any experience in dance, just skip over the intro class!)" – Laura Star '17

"Challenge course—it’s a ropes course that also teaches team building skills. I’ve been able to apply the skills I learned there to my classes as well as my work. The class was amazing!" – Cat Finnegan '16

"Fencing was full of fun instructions such as, 'Don’t be afraid to stab each other!'" – Caitlin Cook '17

"Snow skiing on Mt. Aggie is kind of like skiing on a huge wet carpet. There is a ski lift to take everyone up to the top. The instructors are formerly professional skiers." – Matthew Krusleski '15

"Beginner tumbling—she let us stay in the gym after class to play on the equipment and swing into the foam pits." – Sarah Mumme '17

"Golf 199. Coolest teacher ever. I am learning a lot, and it’s a blast." – Allie Killian '17

"Snow skiing was awesome! Definitely close to the real thing and tons of fun." – Marina Villarreal '16

"Yoga was outstanding! Especially the 15 min of quiet meditation at the end. Since I was in the Corps and always running around, that time was a Godsend and often resulted in a nap." – Victor Mondragon '07

"I took the ropes challenge course which was fun because it challenges you to push yourself further. We developed skills in teamwork and communication, and I learned a lot about myself through that course." – Amanda McGowan '16

"I took basic and advanced scuba diving. It was awesome! There was even the opportunity to get your PADI scuba certifications. The program is well run and the professors are very experienced divers. We went to Blue Lagoon in Huntsville to get basic open water certification." – Emily Drastata '16

So no matter your current abilities or what you want to learn, you’ll find classes here that will challenge both your mind and your body, and perhaps even give you skills you’ll use for the rest of your life. But most importantly, don’t forget to have fun!



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