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Fusion Fiesta


By Austin Dunson '16 | Vol. 2 Issue 2



Coming to an unfamiliar place with so many different people may seem overwhelming, but Texas A&M has a place to experience a multitude of people and their cultures, lifestyles and hobbies while having a blast.

Fusion Fiesta is a shared event between the Hispanic Presidents’ Council (HPC), Asian Presidents’ Council (APC) and the Black Student Alliance Council (BSAC) that provides a unique on-campus diversity experience for all students.

"Fusion Fiesta serves to educate the Texas A&M community on diversity by allowing various organizations to showcase and represent a culture or country of their choice," explained accounting major Ingrid Miranda ’16.

The event is held on campus in the fall for all students to attend. Student representatives of the three organizations orchestrate performances of live music and dance, prepare cultural food and educate attendees about their culture and what it means to them. The goal is to expose the student body to some of the amazing cultural differences Texas A&M affords.

"Diversity is beneficial for everyone," said Miranda. "Fusion Fiesta creates a fun, educational environment for students to enhance their global knowledge and for students of diverse backgrounds to showcase their own heritage."

In all that we do as Aggies, we strive to consider the Core Values that shape the culture and character of our university. Fusion Fiesta’s leadership has found that the Core Value of Respect is shown most prominently at the event.

"Diversity is an embodiment of our Core Values," said Daniel Wong ’16, finance major and former APC president. "It’s always great seeing Aggies hovering around Fusion Fiesta exhibits trying to learn something new about another culture. To me, that’s respect."

Students come from nearly every part of the state, country and world to join the Aggie Family. Whether it is through culture, academics, interests or hobbies, Aggies celebrate this diversity. 

Fusion Fiesta


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