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Living on Campus


By Callie Rainosek '17 | Vol. I Issue I



Applying to colleges and deciding which university is best for you can be stressful, so choosing your future lifestyle shouldn’t be! Here at Texas A&M University, freshmen are given a choice of an on-campus or off-campus lifestyle. In fact, when I moved to College Station I chose to live off campus because living in an apartment seemed to better fit my lifestyle. However, I have learned from friends that living on campus is truly unique.

Imagine having all the resources you need to succeed right outside your door. You can easily meet up with study groups or friends, talk with professors and even wake up ten minutes before class starts and still make it to class on time! (Who doesn’t like some extra sleep?) There are many attractions and advantages to living on campus, such as easy access to an all-you-can-eat buffet at Sbisa, one of the largest dining halls in the country and the largest on campus; the Memorial Student Center, known as the university’s living room; Rudder Auditorium, where you can attend Broadway musicals and student group performances; and of course, being only a short distance away from the many Texas A&M sporting events and the incredible Student Recreation Center. 

When asked what the biggest advantage to living on campus was, freshman Business Administration major Zachary Gorhum replied, “Not having to drive anywhere. I just leave my room and I’m basically there!” 

The on-campus living experience at Texas A&M University promotes student leadership and individuality. With residence halls that build a friendly and family-like environment, students can feel at home while excelling academically. The residence halls assign Residence Advisors (RA’s) to every floor to support and give students help with any issues adjusting to college.

Freshman International Studies major Kaitlyn Kellermeyer, a friend I met at Fish Camp, recently told me about a health scare she experienced her first semester of college. Luckily, her residence advisors were there to help. 

“About two weeks into my first semester in college I was having some weird chest pains...When my roommate found out what was going on, she immediately called the RA on duty...Lo and behold, three RAs show up at my door, and they stayed with me. They had so many helpful resources...and they were really helpful in just calming me down and being there for me. One of them gave me her phone number and kept checking in on me afterward.” 

The Network
As a result of living on campus, my friends have also developed close connections with students in their hall, which is what I admire most about life on campus. They have such a unique, close-knit family–one that Aggieland is famous for. As a student who lives off campus, hearing my friend Zachary talk about residence life makes me want to experience it myself. Zachary has made many new friends within his residence hall and feels like they have bonded into a family.

With a diverse student body at Texas A&M University, living on campus also creates opportunities to meet people from all around the world. “I feel like what makes on-campus life unique is its variety,” my friend Kaitlyn explained to me. “There are so many types of people you could end up living with, or near, or down the hall from. You really never know.” 

Texas A&M University offers so much tradition, education and experience for its students. Why not step right into it all and live in a residence hall? Live the on-campus life!

Living on Campus


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