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The Aggie Ring


By Lauren Howes '16 | Vol. I Issue I



The stress of passing courses throughout the semesters, the memories you make during the journey and counting the days down until you get your Aggie Ring: this is what makes Aggie Ring Day the proudest day of any Aggie’s college career. Texas A&M has the highest rate, at 95 percent, of undergraduate students to earn and order their school’s university ring. Some of my friends dream about the day they will receive their wedding ring, but if you ask me what day I dream of, I would say it is the day I get my Aggie Ring.

I only filled out one college application and that was to Texas A&M University. To me, there was no other college to attend other than Texas A&M. The suspense was killing me my senior year. It seemed to have taken forever, but when I finally got my acceptance letter I was running down the stage to get my diploma so I could get to College Station. When I see the pride my sister and cousins have wearing their Ring, I cannot wait to have mine. I love the stories my friends and family tell me about receiving theirs on Aggie Ring Day—a day dedicated to awarding and celebrating the latest recipients. 

“Aggie Ring Day is hands-down one of the most exciting days on campus,” said Alexandra Gonz├ílez, Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of ’15. “Aggieland is filled with such a positive and happy energy that is contagious to everyone, regardless if they are receiving their Aggie Ring that day or not. Whether rain or shine, there is nothing that can put a damper on the excitement of the thousands of students who receive the coveted piece of gold every semester. It truly is a unique experience that every Aggie, or friends of Aggies, should experience for themselves.” 

Although the Aggie Ring does not come with a job, it may open the door to career opportunities. A few years ago, a student working at a local restaurant began talking to an ol’ Ag who was dining there. After talking for several minutes, the ol’ Ag gave the Aggie waiter his business card. When the student called him the next day, he was told to come visit with him about a job opportunity when he graduated. 

While the Ring often leads to job interviews and career experience, the Ring’s reach is far beyond occupational opportunities. I recently heard the story of a student whose flight had been canceled due to weather conditions, preventing him from getting home in time for the holidays. The Aggie began talking to an older gentleman, a former student, who was on the next flight out. He noticed the older man was wearing an Aggie Ring, so the two began talking. When it came time for the older Aggie to board his plane, he looked over to the young man and told him to take his ticket. 

Stories like these are heard often when you’re an Aggie, and that is because the Aggie Ring is more than just a university ring. The Aggie Ring is a badge of honor that creates an instant connection with others who wear it. 

Kathryn Greenwade, Vice President of  The Association of Former Students said, “It symbolizes becoming one with the Aggie community.” Wearing the Ring means that you’re part of a family, the Aggie Network, who will support you and help you succeed throughout your life.

The Aggie Ring



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