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Why I Chose Texas A&M


Vol. 2 Issue 1



I lived in New York and came to visit my dad last winter break. I was already considering transferring away from the university I was going to in New York. My dad suggested we take a few tours of Texas universities while I was in town. This suggestion brought me to A&M. My best friend came along and found a penny in the parking garage, so she picked it up. During the campus tour, I fell in love with the history and the magic that this campus has—it’s like no other. When we got to the statue of Sully, the tour guide explained his significance.... saying that a penny placed on Sully’s boot could bring good luck in our application process. So of course, my best friend is like, “Here’s the penny I found!” I put it on Sully’s boot and here I am, one year later, at the greatest university.
- Emily Lay '16, horticulture major

All through life we have to make decisions. From simple to difficult, from right to wrong, we must come to accept the ones we make. Choosing a college is a difficult decision, but choosing Texas A&M was the simplest decision I could have ever made. Touring Texas A&M showed me the traditions, the camaraderie, the love for one another, the community, but most importantly the embodiment of "a spirit that can ne’er be told." Because I came to take a tour, Texas A&M was my college of choice. Texas A&M is the college I represent. Texas A&M excels me toward my future endeavors, but more importantly, Texas A&M is now my home.
- Steven Kung '16, business management major

I was born and raised an Aggie. My family definitely raised me with the mentality that one day I would go to A&M just like everyone else. When I was a graduating senior, I visited a couple colleges but A&M always felt like home to me.
– Shelby Todd '16, communication major

I am originally from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, up near the Canadian border. I moved to Austin for two years and attended Austin Community College before transferring to A&M. After being accepted by other universities and visiting all of their campuses, I started to feel discouraged. Finally, a friend’s dad who is an Aggie talked me into visiting A&M. I had pretty much given up and started to question why I left all of my family and friends back in Idaho. After the visit, we drove back to Austin and I filled out my app that night. A&M’s campus is unique, but in the best way. Everyone is nice, friendly, and helpful. No one is stuck up, mean or rude. There is no “I’m better than you” attitude. Rather, the attitude is, “college is hard but we’re all in this together, and we’re all here to help you.” While on campus my friend and I got lost. Instead of giving us directions, a student actually walked us to our destination, and we all had a great conversation on the way. So, that is the reason why I chose Texas A&M.
- Milo Bobbit '16, political science major


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